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Q: Why entrust a local landscape designer to plan your Oahu landscape design project?

A: Needing to do some Oahu landscape design? The reasons to acquire the services of a dedicated landscape designer are numerous! Primarily, you’ll be receiving the following:

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Having drainage problems at your home or business? Besides the obvious nuisances like mud, large puddles that appear after heavy rains can cause long-lasting problems from your property if left unfixed.

drainage problems oahu

Not everyone minds the mud, however

In Hawaii, we’re blessed with small bursts of regular rain. This keeps the foliage beautiful while preventing an excess of water buildup, but every so often we’ll get a wet season. While our islands get a littler greener during this time, especially on the leeward sides, it can cause a wide variety of issues for homes and businesses. Find some common problems below, and solutions for them!

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The Hawaii water bill is no small expense for a home or business, to be sure. Especially if you have a yard and garden to maintain.

There’s the standard monthly water fee based on usage, plus the sewer charge, which rises and dips along with your monthly water bill. These costs are only expected to increase as Honolulu invests in fixing and expanding its sewer system to accommodate the new developments shooting up in town.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways to help reduce your Hawaii water bill, and lessen this burden on your budget!

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