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coconut close up

Your endocarp is showing. Photo: Science Daily

Coconuts are well-known for their tasty flavor and notoriously-difficult-to-crack shell. But a closer look at the fruit of coconut trees might reveal a new way to build earthquake-resistant buildings.


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Bringing indoor plumbing outdoors is one of the latest trends in home design, and these Hawaii outdoor bathrooms we’ve listed below are some of the best examples we’ve seen yet!

These are far from the simple beach showers you might be imagining, which are usually just a faucet and an on/off valve, connected to your house’s outdoor water lines. Rather, these are beautifully designed, highly functional bathrooms.

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What are the best landscaping apps?


As the Internet of Things (objects that, thanks to advances in technology, are now connected to the Internet) grows, we are finding more ways to manage time-consuming, tedious, or laborious tasks with our smart phones and devices. It’s taken a bit of time, but the landscaping industry is beginning to catch up, as smart gadgets and other resources are able to be consolidated down into simple applications.


Check out some of the best landscaping apps that can help design a new lawn, or keep it green and healthy!


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Backyard fire pits are the tiki torches’ badder big brother. As far as statement pieces for your backyard go, it’s hard to beat the dramatic yet communal nature of large flames shooting out of an elegantly designed fire pit.

Modern permanently-installed backyard fire pits are far from mere holes in the ground, and have been designed to fit modern styles and uses. The best of the best are simply incredible. Check them out below.

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Weak curb appeal? As those who spend chunks of their weekends covered in sweat and smelling like grass trimmings can attest, keeping the yard looking attractive is a necessary evil. An uncut front lawn can result in passive-aggressive notes from anonymous neighbors, or worse, formal letters from your homeowners association.

With the amount of time and energy spent on weekends taming the grass, who has time to embark on the intricate, labor-intensive projects Pinterest and HGTV insist are no big deal?

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I had actually never heard of or seen a grass roof until I stumbled upon this image:


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An attractive lanai can be hard to find, luckily we have some great porch style tips for you!

The lanai could very well be the most important part of the house for many Hawaii residents. It’s the perfect place to have coffee in the cool morning, get a shaded break from the afternoon sun, whip up a delicious meal on the grill, and enjoy a relaxing beverage at the end of a hard day’s work.

Small though they may be, lanais can be easily converted into the most impressive part of your home with some simple porch style tips. Make the best of yours!

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With some crazy statues and mind-bending topiary, you can make any garden into a surreal dreamscape.

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