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Though a beautifully landscaped yard can make just about any home look like a million bucks, on Oahu landscape lighting is a much simpler way to make your yard look incredible. A full landscaping job requires a lot of labor and materials, while landscape lighting simply entails installing some specially designed lights to your yard and home.

Read more to get a quick, handy guide on the benefits on Oahu landscape lighting, and what you should know before you start the process!

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Hawaii often tries its hardest to keep everything as local and natural as possible. Our state has strict rules in an effort to keep our ‘aina, millions of years in the making, safe from invasive plants and animals (don’t even think about bringing a snake here!)

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Having drainage problems at your home or business? Besides the obvious nuisances like mud, large puddles that appear after heavy rains can cause long-lasting problems from your property if left unfixed.

drainage problems oahu

Not everyone minds the mud, however

In Hawaii, we’re blessed with small bursts of regular rain. This keeps the foliage beautiful while preventing an excess of water buildup, but every so often we’ll get a wet season. While our islands get a littler greener during this time, especially on the leeward sides, it can cause a wide variety of issues for homes and businesses. Find some common problems below, and solutions for them!

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Stop tossing your celery stalks, pineapple crowns, and potato eyes… grow them into new foods easily! Check out our beginner-geared guide.

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An attractive lanai can be hard to find, luckily we have some great porch style tips for you!

The lanai could very well be the most important part of the house for many Hawaii residents. It’s the perfect place to have coffee in the cool morning, get a shaded break from the afternoon sun, whip up a delicious meal on the grill, and enjoy a relaxing beverage at the end of a hard day’s work.

Small though they may be, lanais can be easily converted into the most impressive part of your home with some simple porch style tips. Make the best of yours!

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The best tiki torch brings the Hawaiian spirit everywhere, from beach resorts in Waikiki to backyards in Wisconsin. The basic idea has been been unchanged for thousands of years – a bamboo pole topped with an oil reservoir and wick, casting a large, dramatic flame.

With the advent of new styles and technologies, the tiki torch has been updated for modern use and tastes while still giving that beautiful fire effect. Below are some things to consider before decorating for your upcoming luau.

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The Hawaii water bill is no small expense for a home or business, to be sure. Especially if you have a yard and garden to maintain.

There’s the standard monthly water fee based on usage, plus the sewer charge, which rises and dips along with your monthly water bill. These costs are only expected to increase as Honolulu invests in fixing and expanding its sewer system to accommodate the new developments shooting up in town.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways to help reduce your Hawaii water bill, and lessen this burden on your budget!

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