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Oahu Landscape Design: How Dreams Become Reality

Q: Why entrust a local landscape designer to plan your Oahu landscape design project?

A: Needing to do some Oahu landscape design? The reasons to acquire the services of a dedicated landscape designer are numerous! Primarily, you’ll be receiving the following:

An eye for design

While any general landscaper worth his salt will know basic plants and how to arrange them in at least a somewhat visually pleasing way, a landscape designer will be able to take designs to the next level, turning the typical yard into the stunning. They are trained to help realize the visions of others, working patiently with clients until a beautiful final product is realized.

Visualizing a condo lanai with beautiful planters.

Visualizing a condo lanai with beautiful planters.


Value engineering

Picking nice plants and installing them is one thing, but will they thrive in a sustainable way? A landscape designer’s mind is always turning through the potential issues a plan could run into, down to the very plant.

For example, adding a palm tree: will it receive enough water naturally or does it need to be irrigated? Does it fit in the budget? Will the ground around it drain properly? What kind of palm do we use? Will it grow too tall, blocking a view or causing liability concerns in the future?

When you run through these questions with every plant and design feature, what seems like a simple landscape design quickly becomes a tricky logistical puzzle.

landscape-design-hawaii-1 residential-landscaping-oahu-2

Local connection

For your Oahu landscape design project, 9 times out of 10 you will want a locally-based designer. They will have the best knowledge of native plants, and will know which ones thrive best in different areas of the island. Also, they are most likely connected to a large number of contractors: plumbers, concrete guys, etc., and can help recommend the best people based on the scope of your job.

More than plants

In addition to refreshing your plants and sprinklers, do you want concrete work? Pavers? Landscape lighting? A pool? A koi pond? Several koi ponds connected by a waterfall? Landscape designers can plan and execute all of these ideas and many more, the only limits are your imagination and budget.


We can even do your dream grill!

We can even do your dream grill!


See before you plant

We haven’t even mentioned one of the biggest pros yet: as you’ve seen in the images accompanying this post, a landscape designer is able to use sophisticated design software to help you visualize, plan, and budget out your new yard before a single inch of dirt is moved.


Check out different finishes and pick what you like beforehand.

Check out different finishes and pick what you like beforehand.





















Like what you see? Check out some examples of finished projects from our in-house landscape designer here. Call us at (808) 779 6133 today to set up your free consultation!



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