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11 Bizarre Gardens We Wouldn’t Mind Having

With some crazy statues and mind-bending topiary, you can make any garden into a surreal dreamscape.

Pinterest is a great place to turn for fascinating gardening ideas, you can see the best of what we’ve found so far below. Follow us to get new pins daily!

1. Fallen Giant

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.36.15 AM

From the Lost Gardens of Heligan in England, a resting place for sleeping stone giants (with excellent grass afros.)

2. Stairway to Heaven


“And she’s buying a stairway to heaven…”

So maybe it isn’t quite all the way up to heaven, but this dramatic, fantasy-inspired tower seems to suggest it’s headed that way.

3. Old Car = New Planter


A great example of up-cycling, simply slap a coat of bright paint onto that rusty clunker in your yard and you have a colorful, unique planter.

4. Grass Couch


Like to lounge in the grass but hate having the sun in your eyes? Maybe a grass couch is for you! No assembly required, you just have to cut it somehow. And after a long day of enjoying the sun, you can retire to your…

5. Grass Bed


Well, it’s not an actual bed. But it looks comfy.

6. Tricky Grass Sculpture


With some careful placement of lines and ridges, what could’ve just been a grassy field was transformed into a mind-bending work of art.

7. Friendly Tree Giant

treebeard, fangorn

This guy looks friendly, but if I were to sneak into your backyard and saw this, I’d run away screaming. Art as home security measure.

8. Vertical Garden

vertical gardening

An extremely practical idea for space-scarce yet temperate Hawaii. Plants (especially tomatoes) will grow any which way if they have the proper sunlight, water, and nutrients.

9. Lawn Roof


Who says lawns belong on the ground? Well, pretty much everyone, but I guess it can go on your roof too.

10. Lily Pad Sitting Area

water sitting area

Be a toad on your own personal lily pad! Maybe curl up and enjoy a refreshing frog-ka soda? (Sorry)

11. Tree Summoner

tree finger statue

A gentle set of statues expressing the need to care for the delicate, beautiful things in life.

Or the fingers are about to destroy the tree by pulling it underground…. art is open to interpretation after all.


See more at the Out-There Gardens Pinterest board!

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