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5 Best Landscaping Apps for Homeowners

What are the best landscaping apps?


As the Internet of Things (objects that, thanks to advances in technology, are now connected to the Internet) grows, we are finding more ways to manage time-consuming, tedious, or laborious tasks with our smart phones and devices. It’s taken a bit of time, but the landscaping industry is beginning to catch up, as smart gadgets and other resources are able to be consolidated down into simple applications.


Check out some of the best landscaping apps that can help design a new lawn, or keep it green and healthy!


5 Best Landscaping Apps for Homeowners


1. Rachio

iOS & Google Play – Free

rachio irrigation hawaii

Take the guesswork out of watering your sprinklers with Rachio’s irrigation controller + app combo. The app allows you to do a plethora of things, such as set or modify the timer, monitor weather data (which in turn can allow the system to skip a watering in the event of rain, saving money and resources), set different times for different zones, and much more. A must have for anyone who is away from their home for long stretches and like to keep an eye on things.

The $99 controller is pricier than most irrigation controllers, but well worth it for the potential water savings alone.


2. Edyn

iOS & Google Play – Free

edyn best landscaping apps

For the gardener with a desire for the nitty-gritty details, the Edyn app uses a sensor (shown above) to provide detailed information about your soil’s moisture, nutrition, humidity, and light levels. By knowing your soil’s condition down to a “T”, you can monitor any changes that might occur and make adjustments before your plants die and wither away unexpectedly.

The sensor is readily available at Home Depot, a great tool for the devoted yet science-minded gardener.


3. iScape

iOS & Google Play – Free & Paid Versions

iscape honolulu lawn app

Moving away from ‘internet of things’ type apps is iScape, a popular landscape design tool. For those who have trouble visualizing what different plants would look like installed around their home, this app allows users to overlay a picture of an existing lawn with planters, fresh sod, and other landscaping features. It can really get the creative juices flowing, and could be shown to a landscape professional to help your vision come to life.

Even if you don’t have a lawn to design, it’s certainly fun to play around with.


4. Plant Encyclopedia


best kapolei landscaping

Okay, so Better Homes & Gardens’ Plant Encyclopedia is not an app, per se. But, it is a simple, easy to use tool that can really help a budding gardener get all the information he or she needs to keep her plants alive and well.

Simply enter the name of the plant and your hardiness zone (this can be found at the USDA’s site, here) and you are treated to a large amount of useful information. Happy plant hunting!


5. Turfpath

iOS & Google Play – Free

artificial turf path

This app has one very specific purpose – identifying pesky bugs you may find in your garden. Rather than proceeding down a research wormhole when you just want to learn if a caterpillar is poisonous or not, you simply take a picture of the foul creature with Turfpath and you’re soon given information on what it is and how to get rid of it.

It’s a humble app, but fulfills a specific need that could help save a lot of time. Well done Turfpath!


Thanks for checking out our roundup of some of the best landscaping apps. We appreciate your support. Like us on Facebook to stay in the loop!



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