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Bring the FIRE with 7 Amazing Backyard Fire Pits

Backyard fire pits are the tiki torches’ badder big brother. As far as statement pieces for your backyard go, it’s hard to beat the dramatic yet communal nature of large flames shooting out of an elegantly designed fire pit.

Modern permanently-installed backyard fire pits are far from mere holes in the ground, and have been designed to fit modern styles and uses. The best of the best are simply incredible. Check them out below.

Amazing Backyard Fire Pits


1. Tacora Auto Ignition Fire Pit

auto ignite fire pit hawaii

The list begins with a fairly standard, bowl-type backyard fire pit with a unique twist: beautiful bright blue crushed glass. Fire and crushed glass are not the kind of design elements you want near kids or rambunctious pets, but around adults it is attractive and simple to maintain.


2. Wave Gas Fire Pit Table

Wave backyard fire pit hawaii

On to the extravagant: the wave pit. So named because its curved stainless steel burners create an incredible ‘wave’ motion when lit, this pit packs maximum “wow” factor.


3. Blackstone Round Fire Pit

honolulu backyard design

Boasting a unique, Medieval-esque design is the Blackstone Round Backyard Fire Pit.  It’s a big one, stretching out to 54 inches in diameter, and the “cauldron” is made from high quality 100% copper. As an added bonus, the maker’s website boasts it can serve as a large coffee table simply by adding glass on top, or you can fill it with ice and beverages for your next neighborhood-sized gathering.


4. Newport Fire Pit Table

honolulu landscaper


A classy, understated entry, this simple pit minimizes fire and maximizes table space, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy having company around the fire.


5. Asia 72 inch Outdoor Pit

oahu yard design


Another simple entry is this elegant bowl-shaped outdoor fire pit, the most traditional “pit” featured here. These sleek, clean pits are handcrafted from quarter-inch thick carbon steel, the heaviest gauge material available on the market today.


6. Third Rock Fire Pit Globe

backyard fire pits hawaii



Dream of seeing the earth engulfed in flames? Searching for a backyard fire pit that doubles as a conversation piece? Either way, look no further than the Third Rock Fire Pit Globe!


7. Paloform Fold

Best fire pits hawaii

By far the most conceptual entry is Paloform’s Fold fire pit, which is described by its makers as being “angular” yet “sensual.”  It’s definitely unforgettable.


Think one of these pits would look terrific in your back yard? We could help make it happen! Call us at 808 779 6133 for your free estimate. 


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