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6 Curb Appeal Tips for your Hawaii Yard!

Weak curb appeal? As those who spend chunks of their weekends covered in sweat and smelling like grass trimmings can attest, keeping the yard looking attractive is a necessary evil. An uncut front lawn can result in passive-aggressive notes from anonymous neighbors, or worse, formal letters from your homeowners association.

With the amount of time and energy spent on weekends taming the grass, who has time to embark on the intricate, labor-intensive projects Pinterest and HGTV insist are no big deal?

We have 6 easy landscaping projects below, with a single day’s work maximum in mind. Enjoy!


Curb Appeal Projects:

1. Improve Your Grass

Hawaii Landscape Maintenance

Patchy, under performing grass? Set aside an afternoon every so often to aerate and fertilize, in addition to cutting. We have collection a bevy of different solutions, including chemical-free fertilizer alternatives, listed here.

2. Tame the Grass

Hawaii Landscape Sod Removal

With the amount of time you spend caring for that grass, doing away with swaths of it might seem less than ideal, but your boosted curb appeal will be worth it! Replace the grass-free sections with some fresh soil, some plants, a paver or two, or low-maintenance river rocks/gravel.

3. Simple Planters

Oahu home landscaping

Similar to what you’d be doing for #2, but with a little more work involved: dig a small trench and line with bricks. This can be done along your house, fence, or driveway. If you measure everything out and work carefully, even novices can complete this simple project. Fill the inside with soil, or rocks/gravel if you’d prefer something simpler!

For best results, use plants native to your area. For Hawaii, Native Plants Hawaii is an excellent resource to get started. On Oahu, Hui Ku Maoli Ola‘s nursery is hard to beat in terms of keeping it natural and native.

4. Some Pavers

Curb Appeal Hawaii landscaper

Using a similar process to #3, pavers are a bit more work but also a bit more functional, and their symmetrical look is very pleasing to the eye. Options are just about endless, too, pick what fits your home’s style and have at it!

5. Landscape lighting

Oahu landscape lighting

A good half-day project, landscape lighting can dress up just about any home. Put them in bushes, trees (carefully, mind you!) and in any other nooks and crannies where you can shine some light on your home and garden. The additional light increases your home’s safety too, but make sure you’re not sending light into your neighbor’s home! Otherwise, the passive-aggressive notes will return.

Don’t forget about tiki torches! More on the best ones for your landscape can be found here.

6. Power wash

Oahu Landscape Cleanup

This isn’t so much for your landscape, but it is a simple step than can dramatically boost your driveway, porch, or deck’s curb appeal. Rent one or borrow from a friend, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from blasting away years of built-up grime.


We hope these boost your curb appeal, making your home the envy of the block! Not sure where to start or need help? Call us up at (808) 779-6133. We can help make your landscaping dreams come true. 


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