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10 Hawaii Outdoor Bathrooms We Wish We Had

Bringing indoor plumbing outdoors is one of the latest trends in home design, and these Hawaii outdoor bathrooms we’ve listed below are some of the best examples we’ve seen yet!

These are far from the simple beach showers you might be imagining, which are usually just a faucet and an on/off valve, connected to your house’s outdoor water lines. Rather, these are beautifully designed, highly functional bathrooms.

Why the desire to take such a personal space outdoors? Possibly, it’s an attempt to reconnect with the way we bathed for the majority of human history. As we become increasingly surrounded by technology, the simple act of using an outdoor bathroom could be an effective way to get in touch with nature on a daily basis.

In Hawaii, the trend is commonly based around a traditional Japanese-style ofuro soaking tub, with some incarnations including a shower.

We’re hooked! Check out our 10 favorite Hawaii outdoor bathrooms (yes, they’re all from Hawaii! At least according to Houzz…) below:


10 Hawaii Outdoor Bathrooms We Wish We Had


Hawaii Outdoor Bathrooms

This gorgeous bathroom combines indoor and outdoor bathrooms flawlessly.


Master Bath and Garden

Imagine taking an after-work soak with this serene garden to gaze upon.



This is for those who take their outdoor bathing seriously. Here, the outdoor bathing area is the focus, rather than a garden or scenic view.


Honolulu outdoor bath design

A beautiful standalone tub plus a wide open shower = another wonderful indoor/outdoor mix.


Soltz-Belas Residence

Though it lacks a tub, these dual showers are perfect for those who know they wouldn’t get much use out of an ofuro.



The interior rock wall here blends with the exterior one, bringing the two areas together seamlessly.


Filter House

A true outdoor bath, this tub lets you rest in warm serenity in this secluded yet wide-open sanctuary.


Tropical Bathroom

This bamboo and foliage heavy shower area is reminiscent of taking a shower under a natural waterfall, deep in the lush tropical mountains of Maui or Kauai.


Ownby Design

A thoroughly contemporary addition to the list – this bathroom is more indoors than out, but bucks tradition by boasting glass walls and doors. For the homeowner who trusts his neighbors very, very much.


Irons Residence

This beautiful Kauai home offers a true outdoor bathroom experience – from toilet to open shower. The room was designed to provide maximum privacy for the toilet while keeping the shower area wide open.

11. Bonus!

Eric Cohler Design: Hawaii Interior Design Project

A bonus outdoor bathroom for you – because we care. A truly impressive entry, the outdoor fountains allow for the soothing rush of water even when the tap is off.


Mahalo for reading about Hawaii outdoor bathrooms! The great sources for this outdoor bathroom info:



And of course Houzz for the pictures!


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