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Finding The Best Tiki Torch

The best tiki torch brings the Hawaiian spirit everywhere, from beach resorts in Waikiki to backyards in Wisconsin. The basic idea has been been unchanged for thousands of years – a bamboo pole topped with an oil reservoir and wick, casting a large, dramatic flame.

With the advent of new styles and technologies, the tiki torch has been updated for modern use and tastes while still giving that beautiful fire effect. Below are some things to consider before decorating for your upcoming luau.

 1. Best Tiki Torch For You

When we say tiki torches – usually a very specific look comes to mind… probably something like this:

boring tiki

This has been the popular style for many, many years, and torches like these can be purchased for $4 a pop at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, pretty much anywhere. They’re the most attractive lighting source that also repels insects, with bug zappers coming in at a distant second.

But if you’re looking for something that has the same dramatic lighting but without the “tiki” look, a common alternative would be longer poles with a copper cone top, like so:

Best tiki torch

From there, the variations are endless, including the stately “Maui” style from Tiki Torches Direct:


And if you want a torch that makes a statement, Ko’ahi on the Big Island makes a wide variety of beautiful torches, like the below:

Ko'ahi best tiki torch

2. Fuel Type

The type of fuel you need to use is important! Different torches need different fuels, and different fuels serves different purposes.

If your main purpose is to drive away insects, you’ll want to use a wicked (as in with a wick, not like wicked awesome) torch that burns citronella oil, which is usually the purpose of the less expensive ones. If you’re planning on bringing it indoors for ceremonial purposes (or you just really like fire… we don’t judge here) you need to use clean burning, odorless paraffin oil.

If pure decoration is your aim, your options widen considerably! Decorative torches typically use natural gas or propane. Another potential feature of these:

AUTOMATION. By having some ground lines laid and a control system set up, lighting your torches could be as simple as pressing a button. Certainly a pricier option than sticking some bamboo torches in the ground, but imagine the looks on your guests’ faces!

Note: As this is would involve working with gas and fire together… please call a professional to set up and maintain such systems!

We hope this helps you on your search for the best tiki torch, or maybe even provided some inspiration to add a little heat to your backyard. Now, sit back, relax, and watch one get absolutely decimated by a blender:

Don’t play with fire! Need any help on upcoming landscape projects on the island of Oahu? Total Landscape Management can help! Give us a call at 808-779-6133!

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