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3 Ways to Decimate Your Hawaii Water Bill

The Hawaii water bill is no small expense for a home or business, to be sure. Especially if you have a yard and garden to maintain.

There’s the standard monthly water fee based on usage, plus the sewer charge, which rises and dips along with your monthly water bill. These costs are only expected to increase as Honolulu invests in fixing and expanding its sewer system to accommodate the new developments shooting up in town.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways to help reduce your Hawaii water bill, and lessen this burden on your budget!

Hawaii water bill reduction tips… 

1. Use Less Water

Seems like a no-brainer, but there’s a solid chance that gallons upon gallons of water for landscape irrigation are going to waste each month. Typically, up to 70% of your total monthly water bill is going towards your yard. The easiest (and most cost effective) way to save is to ensure every drop is going to the right place!

Some tools that can help:

DRIPLINE - Reduce your Hawaii Water bill

  • Drip irrigation systems. Why waste precious H20 watering the leaves of shrubs and small trees when the water is really needed at the roots? A drip line attached to a metering system will automatically administer the correct amount of water right where it’s needed.
  • What’s the correct amount of water, exactly? Rain Bird has a free, handy per-plant water calculator for those who really want to optimize their usage.
  • Old sprinkler systems can leak, which wastes water and can also cause damage to your yard or home. Have a licensed, reputable professional come take a look at your system every couple of years. It will be much cheaper than having to call one for emergency repairs.
  • Get a rain barrel. Hawaii is blessed with almost daily rains. If you’re allowed by your homeowners association, you can use your home’s gutters to collect this precious resource. More details can be found at the Board of Water Supply site here.
  • Though there’s plenty of opportunity for water waste outdoors, don’t forget about excessive use in the home. Check out this easy to use residential calculator the city of Bellingham, Washington has provided.


2. Submeter To Save

Submetering Hawaii water bill

The city automatically knocks 20% off of your sewer charge if you’re a home or business, since on average 20% of your water consumption does not go back into the system. But did you know that by monitoring this percentage yourself with a sub meter, you could save even more?

The costs of installation are extensive for the small benefit, so a careful consideration is recommended. However, if you’re using a lot of water and plan to have your property long-term, it could easily save you tons of money over time.

Check out a quite useful run-down prepared by the city of Honolulu here.


3. Ditch The Lawn Altogether 

SYNLawn - one way to reduce your Hawaii water bill!

Why not eliminate all of your lawn watering costs by replacing that water-thirsty, attention-needy grass with artificial turf?

Sure, there is much to love about traditional lawns, but if you hate maintaining and paying to water yours, going artificial might not be such a bad thing.

Remember, up to 70% of your home’s water usage goes to outdoor irrigation, getting rid of the grass will eliminate most of that cost!

Our sister company, SYNLawn of Hawaii, is a terrific resource on different types of turf and a variety of applications besides your home lawn, such as soft playgrounds to replace wood chip/rubber turf and lush golf turfs to replace water-sucking greens.

With some investment and a little bit homework, saving water, even in an expensive-to-live place like Hawaii is not too difficult.

We hope this helps you out… Mahalo!

If you ever need any help on landscaping in the Oahu area, please give us a call! (808) 779-6133

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