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Keep Your Home Safe & Beautiful! Basics of Oahu Landscape Lighting

Though a beautifully landscaped yard can make just about any home look like a million bucks, on Oahu landscape lighting is a much simpler way to make your yard look incredible. A full landscaping job requires a lot of labor and materials, while landscape lighting simply entails installing some specially designed lights to your yard and home.

Read more to get a quick, handy guide on the benefits on Oahu landscape lighting, and what you should know before you start the process!

Oahu Landscape Lighting Basics


No/Low Maintenance

After the upfront cost and the slight increase in your power bill, landscape lighting soon becomes an afterthought, yet something you will recognize and appreciate every time you see your home lit up at night. Aside from the occasional bulb change, no maintenance is really required IF you buy quality fixtures (more on that below.)

Keep Your Home Secure


An intruder is less likely to trespass if your property is brightly lit – burglars prefer dark homes with little sign of activity and overgrown shrubbery according to ADT’s site. Landscape lighting makes it seem like someone’s home even if they aren’t, subconsciously deterring those who think they can slink around in the shadows.

In addition to your aesthetically pleasing landscape lights, you can add motion-activated floodlights to any dark spots to scare away potential lurkers!


Happy Guests

pathway lighting options

Entertain often? Besides creating a more beautiful home to invite others over to, landscape lighting has the added benefit of making your yard more inviting to your guests. They’re more likely to spend time in the yard chatting or playing rather than clumped together on your lanai or inside. Path lighting is also a terrific way to make sure visitors do not trip on uneven surfaces or sudden steps.


Get Good Lights!

pathway landscaping ewa beach

It’s tempting to simply throw up some cheap plastic fixtures from your local big-box hardware store, but we highly recommend against this. (Though we are a company that installs landscape lighting, we have good reason for saying so!)

Given Hawaii’s climate, which can get stormy fairly often and features baking-hot sun year round… plastic or lower quality metal fixtures simply do not stand up well to the weather. You’re looking at a lifespan of a couple years maximum with an inferior product.

At TLM we like using Vista Pro, a California-based company that makes expertly crafted, superior quality light fixtures. As a matter of fact, all of the beautiful fixtures featured in this article are their products! See more and learn about Vista Pro on their website.


Go Pro!

bollard lights hawaii

Finally, if you know your way around a transformer, laying electrical lines, scaling trees, and have an expert eye for design, you might be well equipped to install landscape lights yourself. Otherwise, we suggest the use of a licensed, insured, professional installer to ensure the best, longest-lasting installation possible. Don’t go with the cheapest or quickest company, select someone you feel confident entrusting this important job with!


By investing in quality landscape lights, you’re adding value to your most valuable investment… your home! Call one of the best Oahu landscape lighting installers, Total Landscape Management, at (808) 779 6133 if you’re interested in learning more or receiving a complimentary estimate.    

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