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Porch Style Tips – 12 Ways to Pimp Your Lanai

An attractive lanai can be hard to find, luckily we have some great porch style tips for you!

The lanai could very well be the most important part of the house for many Hawaii residents. It’s the perfect place to have coffee in the cool morning, get a shaded break from the afternoon sun, whip up a delicious meal on the grill, and enjoy a relaxing beverage at the end of a hard day’s work.

Small though they may be, lanais can be easily converted into the most impressive part of your home with some simple porch style tips. Make the best of yours!

Some of our porch style tips…

1. Cover that cement

Most lanais are simply bare cement, rarely attractive, particularly if it hasn’t seen a power washer in several years (or decades… or ever…)

There’s the simple route, a sturdy yet attractive outdoor rug:

porch style tips rug

There’s the involved-looking yet elegant, something like crushed gravel aside a jenga-like wooden pattern:

blocks and gravel

And finally there’s the conversation starter – artificial turf!

artificial turf on porch

2. Brighten up the place

Absolutely necessary if you plan on enjoying evening meals or cocktails… step up from the stark, bright light most outdoor floodlights give off with something a bit more intimate.

The cheap but effective, string up some Christmas lights:

icicle lights

The slightly less cheap but much nicer looking, globe string lights:

globe lights hawaii porch style tips

The out-there, recessed lighting. The possibilities are many… combine with other lighting sources for a complex-looking yet brightened lanai!

recess schools out

3. Privacy, if desired

It’s nice to be able to look out upon the city, mountains, fields, whatever lays beyond your home from your lanai. Random people taking a look into your messy living room, not so nice. Same goes for the bright lights and steady street noise of Honolulu at night.

The simplest way to create some privacy, put up some nice looking yet weather-resistant curtains.

outdoor curtains

A little bit more resilient and still attractive, roll-up bamboo mats.

bamboo roll up

For the confirmed privacy seeker – hanging vines. Beautiful, green, but not easily movable.

ivy covering

4. Furnish it!

There seem to be two primary schools of thought on patio furnishings. The first is to maximize the small amount of space on your lanai by putting in slim, space conscious furniture…

stylish simple

The other is to do the reverse, create a cozy, nest-like environment by jam-packing the porch with couches, chairs, fluffy pillows, as much stuff as you can to convert it from balcony to the ultimate outdoor lounge space


The key is to stick to one of these two and commit! Either keep it clear or fill it up, but make sure all furniture is matching or complementary in style, color, etc.


5. Function

Finally, what sorts of activities you’re into can play a big role in how you trick out your lanai. If you hate the idea of eating outdoors, there’s no need to put in an outdoor table and chairs. If you garden, unleash your green thumb and let Mother Nature do the decorating:

garden lanai

Figure what exactly is not allowed by your landlord/homeowners association, and then go from there. Chances are you have quite a bit of leeway in turning that barren, concrete slab into your own personal oasis.


If you use any of these porch style tips or have your own we’d love to see them! Tag us in a picture on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  Mahalo!

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