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Turn Your Kitchen Scraps Into Food!

Stop tossing your celery stalks, pineapple crowns, and potato eyes… grow them into new foods easily! Check out our beginner-geared guide.

With some water, soil, and sunlight, you can cut down on grocery bills while working on your gardening skills! These are simple enough to execute even for a consistent plant murderer like me. Make sure you use organic plants for best results – the small extra investment will pay off big time in terms of healthy plants down the road.


Leeks, Scallion, Fennel


For the true newbie… you don’t even need soil! Simply take the white ends of the vegetable and place in a glass jar with a bit of water, place it indoors in direct sunlight and let the growing commence! Just replace the water daily, and you’ll always have these simple, tasty greens on hand.



The stem of your everyday mushroom is actually a root ready to take hold! Rather than throwing those stems away, set it in a pot with some compost/soil mix, with only the tops showing. The trick is to nail the ideal planting environment… keep them in a humid, cool environment (not difficult for Hawaii, so long as they’re kept out of sunlight and away from the wind!) and new growth should happen within a couple of days, if the planting takes.

In Paris, they were grown in the cool, dank catacombs that lie beneath the city. Read an excellent, picture-rich history on it here.



Those freaky sprouts potatoes grow when left in the cupboard for too long, known as eyes, can grow into new potatoes if nurtured correctly! Here’s how:

  1. Cut a potato in half (making sure each half has 1-2 eyes) and let the pieces set out at room temperature for a couple days until completely dry. This will prevent the potato from rotting in the soil, killing the plant and your efforts.
  2. Plant the pieces with the eyes facing up 8″ down, cover with 4″ of soil and add more as your plant grows.



A kitchen staple, and one of the easiest to grow! Just take a clove and place it on a bed of soil in a pot, with the root side (aka the tough end) sticking into the dirt. Place on your kitchen windowsill, water daily. When you have a bunch of shoots, trim them, and they will grow into a full bulb!



Ginger requires patience, but is simple to grow and worth it in the end!

  1. Take a chunk of ginger and submerge it in water overnight.
  2. Then, plant the chunk in moist soil, water frequently until shoots appear.
  3. It takes about a year to mature, but much isn’t needed for most recipes, and it keeps for a while!
  4. Save a bit of the harvest and repeat the process for more homegrown ginger.



Tired of paying top dollar for those sweet, nutrient packed pineapples? Since pineapples are so pricey, and seeing as Hawaii is still a major pineapple grower, we had to include it here.

  1. Cut off the crown of that store-bought pineapple. Keep the leafy greens but remove all of the yellow flesh and skin (as with potatoes, these will cause problems if left on).
  2. Place the crown in a glass of water, with the bottom of the crown submerged, for about two weeks. Roots will begin to grow.
  3. Transfer to a large pot and water daily, when it’s established switch to a weekly watering.
  4. Though that first growth happens quickly, and there isn’t much maintenance to do after that, it will take about 2-3 years for the pineapples to come in (I guess we know why they’re so expensive…)


Feeling inspired? Share your gardening experiences with us, we’d love to see how they turn out! Share your pictures with us on Facebook and Twitter


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